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This book a 350 page hardback colour publication, was wrote and edited by Frank McCann and Seamus Brennan and contains hundreds of photographs taken through eleven decades of Trim GAA activity. There are 17 chapters, each of which is dedicated to particular eras of the club. Each chapter is sub divided into years which will enable the reader to easily zoom into any required date.


The book charts the Club’s growth from inception, through the formative years, to the modern day, where an energetic and enthusiastic group carries on the flame first lit by our founders LM Sheridan and Frank Devey over 100 years ago.


This book delves into the reasons behind the establishment of the Club, those responsible for it’s formation and all those who have continued to pursue excellence in Gaelic games during the decades since.


There are sections on the growth of football and hurling in the early 1900’s, the barren years in the 1920’s where both games went into decline, the rise of both codes again in the 1930’s and early 40’s, the hugely successful hurling era all through the 1950’s, our sole Keegan cup success in 1962, the decline of hurling and the rise of football in the late 1960’s and 1970’s, the resurgence of hurling in the late 1980’s and its continued success to the present day.