Junior Hurlers Suffer first loss

Trim 0-11 Na Fianna 0-18

Trim Junior hurlers played Na Fianna in the 4th round of the Div 4 hurling league in a bright and sunny St Lomans Park Trim on Friday night last . Na Fianna came to Trim with a strong team to represent them at Div 4 league hurling and fielded four of their team that had beaten Trim i the Div 1 hurling league match 12 days before . The teams were level six times during this match as both teams battled for the upper hand in a tight tussle Stephen Barney Doyle had a great match scoring six of the eleven points registered by the Trim side. Barney was a consent treat to the Na Fianna defense during the hour and as one Na Fianna back put it after the final whistle was blown “I’m glad that’s over “
Doyle was a consent thorn in the Enfield sides side and it won’t be long now until Neil Cole will be making the big phone call. Andy O’Brien Jamie Lee , Jamie Hackett and Leighton Massey also raised white flags during this match . Trim fielded a team in Div 4 on the with not one player in the 18 used having senior championship experience .
Trim team And Scorers
Paul Mullen,Carl Keating,Darragh Kennedy Cian Walsh,Jamie Hackett,Shane Downes,Mark Murray Rory Mcgrath (o-1) Jamie Lee Kevin Kennon , Stephen Doyle (0-6) Andrew O’Brien (0-1) Andrew Dinan, Gary Conroy Leighton Massey