A League Football Trim V Nobber

Nobber 3-9 Trim 1-13

Trim travelled to north Meath to take on Nobber in this Div 2 football league clash in a bright and Sunny Nobber on Saturday evening. The Town side can count themselves very unlucky not to have come away from the venue without at least a point. Never was the saying “We snatched that win form the jaws of defeat” more prevalent in Nobber’s case on Saturday evening. With four minutes of additional time played at the end of the second half and point down Nobber scored the match winner with a fantastic shot to the top corner of the Trim Net.

Nobber started the match brightly and had one goal and three points on the score board after nine minutes. Trims first score came from Aaron Lynch after fourteen minutes. Trim then settled into the match and recorded one goal and six points from the sixteenth minute to the twenty ninth minute. These scores came from the very impressive youngster Aaron Lynch (2) and the equally impressive youngster Brian Dowling who blasted the goal to the net in the eighteenth minute and added a point in the nineteenth minute Neil Heffernan (1) Cieran Joyce (1) and Alan Douglas(1) were the other men to record points in this period of Trim domination. Nobber rallied and scored a goal and a point before the interval to leave the scores level at half time. Trim suffered a huge blow just before half time when Aaron Lynch received a Black card for a foul on the  Nobber full back . This foul was defiantly a yellow card so when the ref gave a black card there was a lot of head scratching going on among the Trim contingent present.

Half Time Score Nobber 2-4 Trim 1-7

Nobber again started the second half brightly and recorded three points in the first six minutes, Trim again battled back to draw the sides level  by the tenth minute. The sides went on to be level on four more accessions during the second half. Trim were the more likely winners during the second half as they kept getting the score to go ahead each time in the second half. Daire Lynch took over the scoring honors in the second half notching three points, with Neil Heffernan (2) and Joyce again on the score board with a point. Trim had got what everybody present taught to be the match winning score in the third minute of additional time with a well taken free from Darie Lynch. The reds lost a bit of concentration and a long ball from Farrell the Nobber mid fielder found a team mate in the full forward line, he gathered the ball on the end line and rounded Rory MCGrath and put an unstoppable shot to the roof of Barry Callaghan’s net.

The young Trim team did not deserve to be beaten on the night as they battled and fought all night long. They showed great character to bounce back from a bad start in each half to take the lead but also showed that you have to concentrate for the full match to be victories at this level.

Brendan Murphy and his management team are building a good team spirit and also blending the young players in with the not so young in what looks to be the makings of a very good team.

Trim Team: Barry Callaghan, Cian Walsh, Luke Moran, Rory McGrath, Cieran O’Rourke, Daryal Phelan, Shane Downes, Frankie Murphy, Alan Douglas (1) Daire Lynch (4) Cieran Joyce (2) Joe Donohue, Brian Dowling (1-1) Neil Heffernan (2) Aaron Lynch (3)
Subs: Owen McGrach for Aaron Lynch, Eoin O’Connor for Joyce, David Murtagh for Daire Lynch

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